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We've tested our computers on the most popular golf simulator software. See our testing notes on each Desktop, and buy with confidence!

The color codes below will help you understand our software performance ratings.

Keep scrolling to see how your favorite software performs on our SurfThing computers!

Red = Poor/Choppy

Game Experience

Yellow = Playable w/

Occasional Performance Dips

Green = Consistent Smooth Gameplay. Best Experience!

*If you do not see your favorite software listed, please contact our sales department to get help with choosing a computer for your software.

*FPS = Frames Per Second. *1080p and 4K are different screen resolutions. Speak with a sales rep if you need clarity on understanding the difference.

Impact Series

Start with the industry standard, or scroll down to the "Pro" series for premium performance.

Impact Pro Series

Ideal for running swing cameras and 4K displays. (Scroll down for more)



*Avg. FPS for Software Default Settings.





*Avg. FPS for Software Default Settings.



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