Managed Services

SurfThing is a group of great people who “get it”. We’re fun and easy to work with, but we take our business and our customer’s businesses very seriously. Our enterprise class management systems and legendary support take away your headaches of providing public computing solutions.

Since 1999, SurfThing has delivered custom technology solutions to a variety of businesses. We pride ourselves on our ability to boost efficiencies, leverage suppliers, and provide the highest quality solutions with loyal service and support. Technology is an ever-changing industry and we strive to remain on the cutting edge to provide solutions that although complex under the hood are elegantly simple from a usability and ownership perspective.

We are the premier golf technology service company in the United States. No company has more golf technology experience, better trained technicians, industry specific knowledge, and management systems than SurfThing.

Mission: Bring enterprise level software, hardware, and management systems together to create processes and systems that keep businesses running.

We have the most knowledgeable golf technology staff in the industry and currently support the largest golf and sporting goods retailers in the United States. SurfThing phone support is available from 8:00am to 6:00pm Monday through Friday Central time. We monitor service voice mail on evenings and weekends and return calls when possible. Extended hours and weekend support options are also available. We instantly remote in when calls start to see what staff sees and to reduce repair time and staff troubleshooting time. If it is a software related issue, we generally fix it on the spot. Hardware issues are taken care of immediately with computers, launch monitors, parts, and accessories shipped overnight. Every call is logged for reporting and future reference purposes.

SurfThing systems management takes the hassle out up keeping your systems up to date. When updates are tested and proven to work correctly with your hardware and other applications, we can roll them out to all systems on your time frame to allow you to train staff before the rollout.


Operating system patches and driver updates.
Application updates for ball launch monitor software and custom applications.
SurfThing security software updates.
Device flashing: such as firmware updates to launch monitor devices.
We test all updates before rollout and work closely with launch monitor companies to beta test and field prove their applications prior to implementation.

Inventory Management

All software and hardware of each system is documented in our management system. Potential hardware issues are often identified and taken care of in advance of failure. All support calls are tracked and cross referenced to locations, individual systems, and their components. This enables creative data mining into problem areas so changes can be made and to constantly improve.

Our custom security applications keep your customer facing computers performing. Only the applications you want to run can run; all other system resources cannot be accessed or changed eliminating intrusion or hacking. Translation: no more down time due to anything except hardware failure, and we even reduce that by only using the highest quality commercial grade components in our custom built computers.

We guarantee to configure, test and ship replacement computers, launch monitors and peripherals out the same day if the call is received by noon. Most times we can ship replacements out if call is received by 2:00 PM central time

SurfThing will stock all peripherals and accessories for your systems that the system manufacturers allow us to stock. Some parts and accessories are only available directly from the manufacturers.

SurfThing maintains your spare pool of custom imaged computers. Each computer will be imaged and staged with unique identifiers that enable it to display only the proper programs for that location and bay.

Detailed setup instructions are included with each replacement as well as over the phone assistance. Our goal is to make system replacement simple and fast. On-site tech installation options are also available.

We maintain an inventory of new systems to quickly replace broken, out of warranty systems.

We provide return shipping labels with every shipment.

We maintain a spare pool of refurbished as well as new computers so that we can overnight the right system to get your store back up and running in the shortest possible time. There is no cost for supporting spare pool systems.

Launch monitor spare pools can also be maintained by SurfThing. We will house any spare launch monitors for you and only charge a turnaround fee of $57.60 per incident.

Turnarounds include:

  • Create the RMA with the launch monitor vendor.
  • Package and overnight ship the spare launch monitor with: Installation instructions, Pre-printed stick-on label to ship the damaged device back to the manufacturer for repair.
  • Follow up with the store to assure the replacement is working properly.
  • Receive the repaired device from the vendor.
  • Test the device to assure the issue was repaired and that device is working properly.
  • Store the device in our spare pool vault with video security.

SurfThing custom designs and builds computers specifically for the commercial golf simulator industry. Every component is chosen for specific reasons and tested extensively. We only use Corporate Stable Model (CSM) motherboards because they provide a 36 month supply of the exact same components and a longer support life. Unlike consumer motherboards that use different components for different build runs which can lead to unknown support issues and downtime. We perform more research and testing of golf apps on hardware than any other company. The result is better performance and less downtime. Computers come with up to a 5-year advance overnight replacement warranty.

We create custom images for computers that are purchased from us at no charge. All applications, custom settings, security, remote management are pre-installed so installing or swapping in a replacement takes minutes not days.

We can also add our management and security systems to existing computers.

SurfThing can help create best practices for your business. We have seen and created many in our 22 plus years, things like:

  • IP network design and security.
  • Change control.
  • Data retention and privacy law.
  • System update scheduling based on enhanced business benefits and testing not manufacturer added features that may or may not help your business or work with your systems.

SurfThing tests every new software and firmware version from golf device manufacturers before we roll them out to assure that they perform as expected, don’t break other features, or cause issues with other applications.

We work directly with computer component manufacturers to plan, road map and test the latest hardware and peripherals so you are always using and buying the best systems for your specific needs.

We work directly with ball launch monitor, and teaching application manufactures to help guide them to function better within enterprises not just their normal consumer-based focus. We also beta test their applications for them and you.