Why SurfThing


We are a group of great people who “get it”. We’re fun and easy to work with, but we take our business and our customer's businesses very seriously. Our enterprise class management systems and great support take away the headaches of providing public computing solutions.



Security is such a broad topic that you cannot just assume with a secure wireless network that all is well. You may be able to prevent people from accessing your network but the other components that need to be considered are malicious attacks from people who enjoy creating a nightmare for computer owners. We are experienced at securing hardware and software in a variety of harsh environments.


Digital Signage

If you are going to invest in a public computer why not get the maximum benefit by using digital signage to promote your products and services. SurfThing digital signage management removes the stress of managing this and relies on specialists who deal with this every day. Changes to the signage are extremely cost effective and implemented fast to insure that the right messages are delivered to the right systems at the right time.



  • We take care of the systems physically. If something happens to a system we send a custom configured replacement.
  • We can have it installed for you or work with your staff to swap in the replacement.
  • We have many support options designed to fit your exact needs.
  • We remotely update security, drivers, plug-ins and applications to always assure a great user experience.
  • We can have you up and running fast: Our extensive experience, proprietary applications and manufacturer, installation and service partnerships allow us to customize and deliver rock solid systems fast, regardless of the size of your organization.



Computer kiosks in public locations