Support for GigE Cameras - The Imaging Source DFK 33GX287

Support for GigE Cameras - The Imaging Source DFK 33GX287

Drivers for the DFK 33GX287 GigE cameras can be downloaded from Imaging Source's website.

It is important to only install drivers for the model of camera you are using

1) The default driver offered by FSX 2020's installer for Imaging Source cameras is for older models and is not meant for this model of camera. 

2) Do not install the Point Grey drivers offered by the FSX 2020 installer unless you are specifically using older Point Grey cameras. The Point Grey drivers will cause interference with 33GX cameras (freezing) and can cause FSX 2020 to spike CPU usage to 100%. (Please call SurfThing support if you are experiencing this issue, as there is a utility that needs to be run before uninstalling the Point Grey driver.)

Ethernet Power Requirements for GigE
GigE Cameras will not work unless they have separate power supplied to them. In addition, you need a separate gigabit capable connection to the computer for each camera. 

A separate PoE card installed within the computer can provide the power and bandwidth needed.  Or, SurfThing will include a (Power over Ethernet) PoE injector AND a USB3 to Ethernet Adapter with your camera purchase. This is to ensure proper function at full frame rate.

If you try to use an external gigabit Ethernet switch with two cameras, you will still have a bottleneck in the communication between the switch and the computer, where each camera can only use half the available bandwidth.

If your cameras are a very long distance away from your computer (over 20 meters), these GigE cameras are preferred over USB, as Ethernet cables are better for carrying the necessary power and data a long distance.

Further Troubleshooting:
If you are having difficulty getting FSX 2020 to recognize your new camera, close FSX and download IC Capture from the Imaging Source website. Install and then open IC Capture (with FSX closed) and see if you can get picture from the camera from within this utility. In this way you can determine if the issue is with the camera/drivers/cables or with FSX recognizing your camera. IC Capture can be downloaded from Imaging Source's website here. 

If you need further assistance in getting your cameras up and running, contact SurfThing support.

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