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Our brand is trusted by the nation's largest golf retail chains and golf technology companies, and we want to partner with you!



$113 - $361






Easily join our affiliate team by applying through our affiliate program vendor, UpPromote.


No need to be picky! You get the same commission percentage rate across all of the SurfThing's products. Share links to your favorites, or share them all!


Watch your Affiliate account as the referral purchases stack up. Get auto paid at the end of every month.



How does the affiliate program work?
1. Sign up for our Affilliate program through our Affilliate Program Vendor, UpPromote.
2. Create referral links through UpPromote to products on SurfThing's website.
3. Make sure to link your PayPal account in UpPromote to receive payments.
4. Get paid through PayPal payments for your referral balance at the end of every month for all of the referrals you converted through your links.

Will I get rewarded for every product on SurfThing's website?

Absolutely, choose your favorite product to share, or market them ALL, you get 6% commission for every product purchase on our site through a referral link.

Does it cost anything to join?

We never charge you a dime to be an affiliate at any stage of the process. Instead, we hope to pay you a lot!

How do I sign up?

Simply use the link below to sign up for the program through our Affiliate Program Vendor, UpPromote.

How do I create affiliate links to SurfThing's products?

Once you've completed your registration through Refersion, and been approved for the program, you will be able to login to UpPromote and create your referral links to share to your audience.

Is anyone allowed to sign up?

We encourage anyone to sign up to be an affiliate. To be approved as an affiliate, you must show evidence of influence, meaning, you have an audience or medium which you control to be able to share your affiliate links. We reserve the right to refuse any account, or cancel any account, at our own discretion.

Where am I allowed to post my affiliate links?

Your affiliate links are encouraged to be used on your social media accounts, personal websites, or any other medium in which you are the owner of the location, or channel of distribution. They are not to be used to spam forums, blogs, social media threads, etc.

Can I use SurfThing's logos and branding to promote the affiliate links and products?

Affiliates are allowed to use SurfThing branding and logos to promote SurfThing products on their social media accounts and websites.


How does SurfThing track orders?

SurfThing uses an Affiliate Program Vendor called UpPromote. With UpPromote, you will be able to create your own product links for your audience to follow to our website. As long as they use your link, a cookie will be created in our store for that customer which will be attributed to your UpPromote account based upon your personal affiliate link. These cookies last for as long as 30 days in our system. So, for the next 30 days, if a customer makes a purchase on the device they were using when they clicked your link, you will be attributed with the referral.

How do I track the customers I refer?

When you sign up with our Affiliate Program Vendor, UpPromote, you will be able to see all statistics for referral clicks and purchases right in your account dashboard.

What is the commission rate, and how much can I make?

SurfThing's commission rate is 6% across the entire product line. This can be up to as much as $360+ for a single high end computer sale.

How, and when, will I get paid?

SurfThing utilizes PayPal payments to payout any referral balances at the end of every month. As an affiliate, you are required to make a PayPal account to participate.

Can I earn referral fees making orders through my own links?

Absolutely! As a SurfThing affiliate, we view you as part of the team and are pleased to extend our line of products at a discount to our affiliate team members.