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Quad Port PoE Camera Card

Quad Port PoE Camera Card

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PCIe x4 Quad-port PoE+ GigE Vision Frame Grabber Card (Intel I350 Based)

Perfect for any Power over Ethernet high speed camera. Plug in up to 4 swing cameras for use with your favorite software.

Feel free to contact sales to make sure this card will work with your use case. Also, we can install this card into any computer you purchase from us at your request.


Manufacturer Description:


LRES2004PT-POE is a quad-port copper gigabit ethernet PCI Express x4 PoE+ ethernet frame grabber independently developed by Shenzhen Lianrui Electronics Co., Ltd. based on the Intel I350 chip. It is also compatible with PCIe x8 and x16. The grabber adapter design is mainly designed for industrial field visual inspection servers and equipment, visual field clients, fast mobile ethernet data transmission equipment, etc., and is also suitable for ordinary servers.

The adapter has integrated hardware acceleration and is capable of per
forming TCP/UDP/IPchecksum offloading and TCP segmentation tasks. The host processing technology can offloadthe accelerator, and the host processing technology can offload the accelerator and release theCPU resources to free up more CPU resources to process other applications. This adapter is the ideal solution for deploying multiple networks and deploying critical network applications and environments on high-performance servers.

Developed on the Intel I350 quad
-port ethernet MAC+PHY controller, the LRES2004PT-POE allows up to four ports simultaneously in a gigabit ethernet connection. Working in a full-duplex mode of operation to accommodate high-performance network communications, you can extend bandwidth through link aggregation while conserving PCI Express channel resources without consuming bus bandwidth.

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