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AJAZZ AJ139Pro Wireless/Wired Gaming Mouse 26000 DPI (Black)

AJAZZ AJ139Pro Wireless/Wired Gaming Mouse 26000 DPI (Black)

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The AJAZZ Aj139Pro is the perfect tool for competitive gaming. With a flagship sensor and optional wired or wireless connection, you can game exactly the way you want. 


Product Highlights:

  • Ergonomic Design for Mid-Large Hands
  • Advanced PixArt PAW3395 Sensor
  • TTC Gold Encoder Promises about 2 million Wheel Rotations
  • 6 Adjustable and Programmable Switch
  • Durable Components&Connectivity

Details & Specifications

Powerful Performance:
Meet the AJAZZ AJ139 Pro, a testament to exceptional performance and value. At its heart lies the PAW3395 flagship sensor, renowned for its outstanding tracking abilities. With a staggering 26000 DPI, a tracking speed of up to 650 IPS, and an acceleration of 50g, this mouse promises to track every nuanced movement of your hand with unparalleled precision.

Dual Connectivity:
Say goodbye to restrictive cords. The AJ139 Pro supports both wireless 2.4G and wired connections. A 1K polling rate ensures real-time responsiveness.

Durable Components:
Experience tactile feedback like never before with the mouse's left and right buttons and scroll wheel, built with Huano pink dot micro switches. Enjoy up to 80 million clicks, offering a crisp and effortless press every time. The TTC gold encoder promises about 2 million wheel rotations, ensuring clearly defined scroll steps for the longest time.

Ergonomic Design for Mid-Large Hands:
Designed specifically for gamers and professionals with mid to large hands, the AJ139 Pro boasts a no-hole lightweight design at just 50g. Its finely tuned mold measures 12563.338mm, sporting a minimalistic aesthetic and a perfectly balanced center of gravity. It caters seamlessly to users with hand sizes between 17.5-19cm.

Customizable Settings:
With 6 DPI settings, this mouse offers unmatched responsiveness and connection stability.

Simple Yet Functional:
The AJ139 Pro embraces a symmetrical, no-backlight minimalist style. It houses a robust 300mAh battery, ensuring consistent, long-lasting performance. Furthermore, its bottom is furnished with PTFE (Teflon) feet, significantly reducing friction and allowing for a smoother glide.

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