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CAT 6A Ethernet Cable for GigE Swing Cameras (7ft-35ft)

CAT 6A Ethernet Cable for GigE Swing Cameras (7ft-35ft)

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CAT 6A Ethernet Cable for GigE Swing Cameras (7ft-35ft)

Connect your high speed GigE camera to your powered Ethernet switch to record your golf swings. Choose the best length for your needs.

These slim cables feature molded boots with a bump design for protecting the clip during usage and stranded wire for repeated flexing and movement without micro-cracking of the copper. These cables use a short body plug design that minimizes de-twisting of the pairs during the manufacturing process, assuring the highest available performance and employ a flush boot that allows the cables to fit side by side without interference.

Details & Specifications

Slim jacket patch cables are ideal for running cables through conduit where space is limited alongside many other cables. As such is the case in many golf simulator installs.

• 0.15in cable OD
• CM rated jacket
• Flexible, stranded 28 AWG UTP
• Flush boot design
• Protected RJ45 clip
• Superior bend radius
• Backwards compatible with CAT 5e or CAT 6 systems
• Slim CAT 6A 28 AWG cable conforms to all performance standards and passes channel testing

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