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HDMI Cable, Male - Male, Black PVC Jacket, 30AWG, 4K/60Hz (6ft-30ft)

HDMI Cable, Male - Male, Black PVC Jacket, 30AWG, 4K/60Hz (6ft-30ft)

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Experience breathtaking visuals with this High-Speed HDMI Cable. Featuring support for 4K resolutions at 60Hz and a flexible PVC jacket, this cable delivers exceptional picture quality, smooth refresh rates, and excellent value for everyday entertainment.

Details & Specifications

Key Features:

• HDMI Male to Male Connectors: Connect your HDMI devices seamlessly, including TVs, projectors, streaming devices, gaming consoles, and more.
• 4K@60Hz Resolution Support: Enjoy stunning visuals with sharp details, vibrant colors, and smooth motion, perfect for high-definition content and gaming experiences.
• High-Speed Performance: Supports high-bandwidth transmission for flawless video and audio streaming without lag or interruptions.
• Black PVC Jacket: Offers flexibility for easy cable management and cost-effective installation in various entertainment setups.
• Durable Construction: Utilizes high-quality materials for reliable performance and long-lasting use.

Ideal For:

• Connecting TVs, projectors, and streaming devices to enjoy high-definition content.
• Connecting gaming consoles for immersive and lag-free gaming experiences.
• Creating a home theater setup with exceptional audio and video quality on a budget.
• Connecting devices in entertainment centers or living room setups where flexibility is desired.

Upgrade your entertainment with this High-Speed HDMI Cable with PVC Jacket. Experience stunning visuals, smooth performance, and an affordable solution for all your HDMI connections.

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