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SurfThing USB3 Active Camera Cables (5M, 7M, 10M)

SurfThing USB3 Active Camera Cables (5M, 7M, 10M)

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This cable was created by SurfThing for the specific use with Golf Swing Cameras. These are rated for continuous use for all swing cameras using the locking micro-B USB3 connector. For guaranteed success, go with a SurfThing camera cable!

Details & Specifications

Active Cables:
Most micro B cables on online stores are not acceptable for high frame rate cameras. The main reason for this is that the cables are not "active". Extra technology has been added to the ends of our USB cables to make sure enough power and bandwidth are being sent across the cable at long distances to the camera. Cables without active technology, in most cases, will not be able to maintain power and signal to your swing camera, especially as you lengthen your cable.

So what sets SurfThing cables apart from other active cables on the market? SurfThing's cables are more durable for one main reason: the "active" technology is embedded into the USB cable end pieces. Most other manufacturers put the active repeater in the middle of the cable. After many years of supporting golf simulators, SurfThing recognized a pattern of cables getting destroyed because this plastic active repeater box in the middle of the cable getting stepped on and broken. After years of witnessing money being wasted on cables by our partner companies, we developed a solution to save our clients time and money, and avoid the headaches involved with re-running cables.

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